Benefits of Digital Marketing Course
Make Your Career in Digital Marketing

This Advanced course is a Career oriented Course. So, you must know about benefits of digital marketing course before joining in it. We Made this course by focusing about student’s benefits. For making things simple and clear, We have also mentioned benefits of each and every module in specific.

So, Here are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Course for Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers

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Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing is a wide term under which there are a lot of small and major terms comes. Anything which you do to sell or market your product or service online is known as a part of Digital Marketing. A set of actions taken in combined is called Digital Marketing. After Completing the first module, you’ll be able to to understand digital marketing well.

You will be able to discuss it with people with much confidence. Complete knowledge of Digital Marketing & it’s different factors will be given under this. After completing this complete Digital Marketing Course, you will get eligible for the job as an Digital Marketing Manager. Average Pay Package for an Digital Marketing Manager is INR 6 L.P.A in India. There are many benefits of digital marketing course.

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Digital Marketing Overview
Website Planning & Creation

Website Planning & Creation

There are many reasons for which you need to have a website for your business. This module is dedicated to understanding, planning and creating different type of websites. After completion of this module, you’ll be able to understand different types of small & big websites and their workings.You get introduced to domain names and web servers.

You will be able to choose the perfect domain and server for your online business to get better exposure and results. You can make a proper plan about any type of website after completing this module. Setting up professional emails will be too easy after this module. You can make additional domains and subdomains on server for different purposes.

You will learn that how can you make professional and dynamic websites in just few hours with themes & plugins. We will also tell you about what are the essentials of a website and what are the things to be done to get a website live. Just by completing this only module, you gets eligible to claim a Job as an Website Designer. Average salary package for an website designer in India is INR 2.65 L.P.A.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest factor of digital marketing. You must be known to SEO. We will also teach you about Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You will be able to understand different search engines and their workings in deep. Knowledge of major factors of SEO will be provided along with their workings. You will also learn about what are keywords and how they works.

How to do keyword research is an important part of SEO is also included so that you can do keyword research without any problems and doubts. We’ll serve you with the ability and understanding of working with different types of keywords research & analysis tools.

We have also included a module which is about Google Operators which will let you search the web with much ease and perfection so that you can get accurate filtered results. There are two major parts of SEO which are On-Page & Off-Page.

Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO will let you do On website SEO. Off-Page SEO will let you do SEO which is done on other websites and internet properties. In On-Page SEO, you will be able to do Content Optimization, Keywords Optimization, Meta Properties and Google WebMaster Integration. In Off-Page SEO, you will be able to Scale DA of a website, Build Fast Backlinks for your business to get better rankings on Google SERP.

You will be able to do complete SEO of a website to get better results in return after completion of this course module. We have also included Local Business SEO in this module. With the help of this you will be able to list your local business on search engine and maps. So that, you can get attention and visibility among people in your area which are looking for your products or services.

After completing this course module, you will be able to use SEO Tools Properly, Create Proper SEO Reports, SEO Strategy Planning for Different form of Businesses and How to Rank faster on Search Engines. Just by completing this only module, you gets eligible to claim a Job as an SEO Expert. Average salary package for an SEO Expert in India is INR 3.56 L.P.A.

Online Advertising

Google AdWords & Online Advertising

Google AdWords & Online Advertising is one of the most important module of digital marketing. PPC & Ads are one of the most influential thing in digital marketing. This plays an important role in marketing your business on various websites and apps. You will be able to identify different form of results on Google SERP.

We’ll introduce you with Google AdWords and how it works. Along with AdWords, You’ll also be introduced to Bing Ad Network and its working too, so that you can work with the major two search engines to get attention among 97% of the audience on internet. There are different types of Ads in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

So, you need to be known to all of them to achieve different results in best lowest possible budget. Different types of ads have different setup and their results will also be different. Google AdWords have a Algorithm by which it rates and ranks your ad.

We will show you AdRank with Example, so that you can make your ads better to get better rankings and results. You will also be able to improve quality of any Ad with Quality Score. CTR, CPM, CPC & Many other performance and cost measurement factors are also included in module and you will be provided with in-depth knowledge of all of these. AdWords bidding is another factor which decides delivery of your ad.

You need to have good knowledge about it so you can implement the correct and optimized Bid strategy. There are different types of ads which includes All Features Ads, Dynamic Ads, Standard Ads and Product Listing Ads. You will go through a Practical session in which you need to make an AdWords Ad Campaign. The motive of this session will be providing you practical exposure to how things done. We believe that implementation is the best way to learn something. After this session, you will be ready to create PPC campaigns with AdWords & Bing. Conversion tracking is very important to measure that how much you are getting in return on the amount you are spending on Ad campaign. With Conversion tracking part of this module, you’ll be able to track conversions from your marketing campaigns.

After running a campaign, the next part is to measure its performance and take required actions in order to increase performance. You will also be taught about How to optimize ad campaigns for better results. Same as PPC Ad Campaigns, DIsplay Ad Campaigns also have different types of Ads which are All Features Ads, Mobile App Ads, Remarketing Ad Campaigns and Engagement Ad Campaigns. Each of the campaign have their own different results and goals. Each of the campaign form also have different workings and configuration.

You will be served with In-Depth knowledge of Display campaigns and how to create them along with practical implementation. To improve performance of your display campaigns, you will be taught about Display Campaign Performance Optimization. Remarketing Campaigns are a bit different, they are used to approach existing visitors to visit site again and take appropriate action.

This is very influential step for branding your product or service to visitors of your website. How to create remarketing campaigns and target them will be taught. At the end of this module, you will be taught about What is Online Advertising. Different networks providing Online Advertising services.

There are different types of Ads in Online Advertising. You’ll be introduced with every format of online advertising during the module. After completion of this module, you’ll be able to create PPC Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Campaigns, Banner & Display Ads Banners and Product Listing Ads. Along with this you will also be able to prepare reports of ads, doing their performance analysis and optimizing them.

Just by completing this only module, you gets eligible to claim a Job as an Online Advertising Analyst/Manager. Average salary package for an Online Advertising Analyst/Manager in India is INR 3.80 L.P.A.

Social Media Marketing

Gaining traffic from social media platforms and making your presence in order to get business or any other profit in return is known as Social Media Marketing. You will be taken through current psychology of social media, so that you can understand the current scenario and mindset of current social media generation.

This study will help you in creating better content for your social audience. You will be able to differentiate social media marketing type other marketing forms. The first part in this module is Facebook Marketing. Facebook is the leading social networking platform and that is why this is the first priority in social media marketing.

During this part, you’ll be going through a session in which knowledge of facebook marketing is served along with the Practical Implementation of facebook marketing.

Social Media Marketing

You will be able to create Facebook Pages and Groups for your brands and businesses. Increasing popularity of your facebook page and getting likes on it will be the next step. How to create content and graphics to post on your page’s wall will be taught. After this you will be able to create and publish innovative and attractive content for your audience with a professional touch. Few examples of doing marketing on your fan page will be shown.

At the end, here comes the AdWords of Social Media. Facebook Ads are also considered best option after Google AdWords in terms of getting reach and conversions. You will be taught about types of ads on facebook, how to create facebook Ad campaign, Different payment modules of facebook ads, Conversion tracking and using Power Editor in Facebook. After completion of Facebook Marketing, you will be able to Create & Setup Facebook Pages & Groups, Creating and Posting attractive content, Creating Different types of Facebook ads and Optimizing them.

The Second part in this is LinkedIn Marketing. LinkedIn is the biggest Professional’s Network. So, in case you are running a business similar to the interest of this network then you must make your presence here. You will be taught about LinkedIn Groups and how to do marketing over them. Creating your business page on LinkedIn is known as a good practice. LinkedIn has their own Ad Network on which you can advertise your product.

After completion of this LinkedIn marketing part, you’ll be able to do LinkedIn group marketing and create LinkedIn ads. The third part of this module is Twitter marketing. Twitter has grown rapidly in past few years and now it is among big advertising networks too. In this part, you’ll be taught about What Twitter exactly is. You will be taught many things so you can create twitter ad campaigns and #tag trend campaigns in future.

You will be served with Major twitter management tools, Twitter Marketing strategies, How to create Ads on twitter and Twitter Cards. After completion of this part of social media marketing, you will be able to Post Perfect content on twitter, Gain more followers and influence, Using twitter for driving traffic, getting your post noticed with relevant trends and create and run twitter ads.

The last part of this module is Video Marketing which will be done on the biggest Video sharing platform YouTube. Under this, you’ll be trained about creating your presence and brand value on YouTube. Graphics are the best way to explain anything to people. Video plays an important role in this and it has a very high potential of convincing people about your product or service. YouTube is the only big platform where you can do video marketing.

We’ll teach you about how to create your own YouTube Channel and Upload videos over them. You will also be taught about how you can get highly targeted views with YouTube marketing on your videos. After completion of this module, you will be able to do marketing on major social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You will also become eligible for the job of Social Media Marketing Manager.

The average salary package for social media marketing manager in India is INR 3.50 L.P.A.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is not a very big and time taking module, but it can be very useful when it comes to those who have their major conversion coming from mobile platform. You will be taught about what are the different types of mobile for which you need to take are that your website is running fine on. A slight relationship between Mobile and Social Media marketing will be explained.

You will be able to see and create reports about Mobile Analytics and do Performance measurement of your business on mobile. For mobile marketing, your website needs to be mobile friendly. You will be taught that how can you create mobile websites of your businesses. App making will be a good idea for business, so we also will tell you that how you can create website for your business.

A major part of mobile marketing is doing mobile targeted advertising on Mobile websites and apps. SMS marketing is also a part of mobile marketing and this is one of the best and proven way for advertising to customer. SMS marketing will be explained and also you’ll be taught how to do it.

At the end of this module, we will teach you How to Submit your app to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Google & Web Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics software which lets you measure performance of your website and behaviour of users who are coming on website. So, Google & Web Analytics is the best possible way to analyse your website got betterment in order to get better returns for your business. In this module, there are several parts of it. Initially you’ll be introduced to What are major softwares for it and how to do web analytics over them.

You will be taught over Google Analytics so you can understand its working. Google Analytics is used in almost every organization for measurement purposes. Twitter also have their own Analytics panel where you can measure your twitter account activities and performance. Exactly the same; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Pinterest also have their own Analytics. You’ll be introduced to all of the analytics panel by your trainer.

You will be given a deep insight about How Google Analytics Works. You need to Integrate google analytics to your website and this will also be taught.

Google & Web Analytics

Carrying on the learning, you will be taught Account structure of Google Analytics, What are goals and conversions and how to setup and measure them, Introduction to bounce rate and its importance, Setting up funnels and measuring its performance, How to use Analytics with AdWords for better performance study and much more. Google & Web Analytics is also a trending designation.

After completing this module and grabbing certification in it by google, you can grab a job with average salary of INR 3.54 L.P.A in India. After completion of this module, you will be able to study a website about referrers of traffic, website behaviour, user’s behaviour, top pages of website, bounce rate, conversion performance and SEO analytics and more important factors.

Email Marketing

e-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is a type of direct marketing. This uses Electronic Mail as a communication method. E-Mail Marketing communications commercial or fundraising messages with their customers or potential customers. A Email Marketing campaign is sended to a list of customers who has agreed to receive mails from the sender. Email Marketing is not a big module but it has its own importances which will be taught during the course.

You will be introduced firstly to What is Email Marketing and How it works. Email Campaigns are generally sent in bulk groups, So we’ll teach you how to send bulk emails so that they won’t land in spam folder of receiver. There are two types of Email marketing which will be taught during the module.

We’ll tell you about what are the Email Marketing softwares majorly used. You will go through a practical session of Creating Email Campaigns and sending them to number of people. Autoresponders will be taught at the end of the module and also how to setup them.

eCommerce Website Creation

Major examples of eCommerce websites are Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. eCommerce has a different website structure which will be taught during this module. You will be able to plan a complete eCommerce website for your or client’s business. eCommerce websites are heavier in size and requires a better server as compared to normal web servers. You will be able to choose an appropriate server for your business after this module.

There are also many eCommerce platforms available to make site on. You’ll be introduced to major eCommerce platforms and choosing the best for you. We will teach you that how can you make dynamic and professional looking advanced eCommerce websites in few hours. You will be able to design and make a complete eCommerce website after completion of this course along with essential integrations.


During the course, you’ll also be introduced to Product Uploading and Attributes. A Deep Insight of product management, coupons and discounts management will be provided. Along with it you will also be taught about Invoices, Delivery Slips, Payment Gateway Integration and Shipment tracking setup on your website. SEO Configurations for eCommerce website will also be taught in this modules.

After completing the course, you will be able to grab freelancing projects from clients in which you can charge from INR 25K to maximum possible for Complete eCommerce Website. There are also a good number of Jobs available in this field. Jobs in this field has average salary of INR 4 L.P.A in India.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation for Businesses

Generally the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers is known as lead generation. An explained introduction will be given about Lead generation. You’ll be explained about Importance of Lead Generation, so that you can identify that how it can help your business in growth. Lead generation is done with Ads and Landing Pages. You will be taught about how to create Ads and Landing Pages to collect leads for your business. How to create lead funnels and measure performance of Lead generation is also a included pat in this module. After completing this module, you will be able to design Landing Pages and Creating Ads for your business or client to collect leads.

eCommerce Marketing & SEO

eCommerce Marketing & SEO is customized terms. These are generated from general terms like Marketing & SEO. It is dedicated to a form of business. In this, every task is performed in order to get sales in return which is called eCommerce. eCommerce has a simple meaning which is Electronic Commerce. Under this module, you will learn how to do marketing and search engine optimization for an eCommerce website.

You will be taught about creating content for eCommerce and marketing it. Email Marketing Campaigns plays a very important role in eCommerce and this is why we are teaching you about Automated Email Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce. How to plan user generated content and organize royalty programs for them. You will also be given an insight about optimizing your website for mobile platform.

SEO plays a very important role in SEO and basically in every form of Business. SEO for eCommerce is slightly different from general SEO. You will be taught about How to do SEO for an eCommerce website to generate sales. After completing this course, You can grab a job in eCommerce website management which has average salary of INR 3.50 L.P.A in India.

eCommerce Marketing & SEO
Digital Reputation Management

Digital Reputation Management

It is a small but very important part of digital marketing. Digital Reputation Management means, removing bad mentions about your business, monitoring your brand image and creating out positive image in front of general audience as well as customers. This module will include many mechanism of reputation management for your business. We will also introduce you to major tools for Online Reputation Management.

Blogging & Content Marketing

Blog is the most popular form of website by both publishers and readers. People loves to read blogs and publishers loves to write them. Writing a blog post and publishing them is called Blogging but only in case if you are doing it in a proper manner. You will be taught about Blogging & Content Marketing in this module from A to Z. Firstly, you’ll be taken through How to create and setup a blog.

Social Media is a very important and major influencer of blogs, so we’ll also tell you that how you can integrate social media profile and pages with your blog. There are some mandatory pages which needs to be create on blogs too. You’ll also be taught about that. After all this, now comes the part of how to create posts and publish them. This will be covered during the module. Blog SEO is a very important part and this will also be taught during the course.

There are many different things also which are done in order to create and run a successful blog which will be taught in this course. After this you will be able to Create a complete advanced log and run it. After completion of this course, you can run your own blog and mint 1000s of $$$$ monthly for yourself or you can also apply as a content marketer / content writer / blogger / ghostwrite. In this industry, the average salary package is INR 2.58 L.P.A and it varies in different job posts. It has a high potential.

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

So, continuing with the benefits of digital marketing course. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which the online retailer pays commission to the publisher/external website for selling their products. This is the among the most profitable business types in current time. This module is for creating profitable businesses. We will also tell you about that how business owners can take benefit from it. Under this module, we’ll teach you about What is Affiliate Marketing, What are 3 A’s of Affiliate Marketing, How to start as an Affiliate Marketer and many more.

We’ll introduce you to some major affiliate networks and also how to get approved over them. You can also start your own affiliate business which we will tell you. We’ll also introduce you to useful affiliate tools and plugins.

Affiliate Marketing
Earn Money with YouTube & AdSense

Earn Money with YouTube & AdSense

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website and AdSense is the biggest publisher network. Both are owned by Google. You can earn money with both of them with 2 different ways. YouTube allows you to publish videos and monetize them with AdSense. You can make money with youtube videos. This is generally called YouTubing. AdSense is of two type, Hosted for YouTube which is easier to get and Non-Hosted for Content which is not easy to get. Non-Hosted AdSense allows you to earn money by showing Ads on your own websites. So, this is what we’ll be teaching you. Complete practical exposure to both of the AdSense type will be provided during the module.

Earn Money with Freelancing

Freelancing is a free form of working. In this you are your own boss and you can grab projects for skills on which you are expert. You’ll get paid after delivering the project. You don’t have any boss in it but you need to give it till the deadline. We’ll introduce you to Freelancing platforms and will also tell you that how it works. We will also tell you that how much money you can make with it and how you can grab freelancing projects. Freelancing is one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing course. It offers you freedom of working.

Earn Money with Freelancing
Event Blogging

Event Blogging

Event Blogging is similar to blogging. In this, you do create a specific blog about an event which is going to happen. This is not a very famous form of blogging currently but it is one of the most profitable form. We are the first institution in India to provide event blogging training. We will give you complete and practical exposure of Event blogging. We will also share a secret method to make $1000+ in a Day with event blogging. These are enough benefits of digital marketing to make your mind about opting your career in digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course
  • Employability
  • Future Scope
  • Salary Satisfaction
  • Standard of Organization
  • Own Business Scope
  • Growth of Own Business
  • Passive Income Opportunities
  • Freedom of Work