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We come to know when defining the term blog is a type of frequently updated journal diary. Blogging called writing the journal diary frequently for your visitors/readers. Blogging is one of the biggest part of internet. Lots and lots of people read different type of blogs each and every day. Blogging is also a passion and people are also using them to make their own value or brand value in market. Blogging is a term which is used for writing article on a blog and getting readers to read them. You can do blogging as your passion and also can generate good money from it so that you can rely on your blog for financial purposes too. It is one of the best source of generating money online. In blogging, we writes content. The art of writing and driving traffic to your content is called Content Marketing. Content Marketing and Blogging is very similar and helpful to each other.

What Are the Advantages of this module ?

Blog is the most popular form of website by both publishers and readers. People loves to read blogs and publishers loves to write them. Writing a blog post and publishing them is called Blogging but only in case if you are doing it in a proper manner. You will be taught about Blogging & Content Marketing in this module from A to Z. Firstly, you’ll be taken through How to create and setup a blog. Social Media is a very important and major influencer of blogs, so we’ll also tell you that how you can integrate social media profile and pages with your blog. There are some mandatory pages which needs to be create on blogs too. You’ll also be taught about that. After all this, now comes the part of how to create posts and publish them. This will be covered during the module. Blog SEO is a very important part and this will also be taught during the course. There are many different things also which are done in order to create and run a successful blog which will be taught in this course. After this you will be able to Create a complete advanced log and run it. After completion of this course, you can run your own blog and mint 1000s of $$$$ monthly for yourself or you can also apply as a content marketer / content writer / blogger / ghostwrite. In this industry, the average salary package is Rs.258K Per Annum and it varies in different job posts. It has a high potential.

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