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A Noob Can Become Master in Digital Marketing with this Most Advanced & Practicality Based Digital Marketing Course

Our Digital Marketing Course is based on complete practical exposure to each and every module of curriculum. Learn how to do digital marketing with us. Drive traffic, leads, conversions and make profit from your website or online business. Learn to stand out like a Big brand in market with our course and implement it in your own business to stand out. Learn everything mentioned in curriculum and do it just like experts and agencies do.

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What Do We Learn ???

Under the basics of digital marketing. Under the differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing. Know about advantages and disadvantages of marketing in both forms.

Learn about How to Create Websites for different services and businesses. Learn to conceptualize and make attractive & dynamic websites.

Learn to rank websites on first page of Google, Bing and and some other search engines. Make your website stand out on top almost no cost involvement. Enjoy Organic Sales, Leads & Conversions.

Learn Google AdWords & Online Advertising. Make your startup a Brand with Ads, PPC Campaigns & Re-Marketing. Learn to Increase sales with Google Merchant Central.

Speak out to the customers of your interest on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc.

Know the importance of mobile for your business. How to Optimize your business for mobile and get better business.

Measure performance of your online business. Understand your customers better and implement strategies accordingly to get better profits in return.

Learn shooting bulk emails and improve your presence in mind of customer with promotional and scheduled emails. Generate more sales & leads with Email Marketing.

Learn about how to create eCommerce websites & portals. Learn to implement payment gateways & shipping tracking with your website. How to manage inventory and print invoices, etc.

eCommerce is a very different field when it comes to marketing and SEO. There are many different ways to do it. Learn how to do Marketing & SEO effectively to get maximum returns and better rankings.

Lead generation is a very important part of an online businesses. It lets you collect more and more leads having high conversion ration.

Digital Reputation Management is also an important part of online business. Learn what is this and why it is important for your businesses.

Blogging is one of the most influential way of digital marketing. Learn about how to do blogging, how to write content and How to market your content for better visibility and profits.

Learn How affiliate networking works. Know about coupon websites & earning money online. Create affiliate websites & eCommerce affiliate sites without investment for amazing returns.

Learn about Google AdSense & other demonetization network. Learn how to earn money with YouTube videos. Learn to earn money with Non-Hosted AdSense. Understand difference between Hosted & Non-Hosted.

Be your own boss with Freelancing. Learn about what is freelancing and how you can grab freelancing projects from web. Know about quotations & proposals.

Digital School of Delhi is the first Institution in India to offer Event Blogging training. Event Blogging is a very interesting form of blogging and it gives high revenue in return. Learn What is Event Blogging and how to do Event Blogging.

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