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Digital Marketing Course Modules - What You'll Learn ?

You will be introduced with Digital Marketing. Learn what is digital marketing ? For whom it is useful, how to do it, what is the process of doing digital marketing etc in Digital Marketing Overview. It is a wide term, consists many small and major modules in it.

Website Planning & Creation is one of the major modules of this digital marketing course in delhi. In this module, you’ll be taught about that how you can make a professional website for any purpose like business, blogging and personal. You’ll be Introduced to different CMSs used to create websites.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major module of digital marketing or you can say it is one of the important parts of Internet. A business cannot rank on top pages of google without doing SEO. Search engine optimizations is of three types, On Page, Off Page and Local. You’ll be taught all of these types of SEO along with advanced tricks to rank faster on Google SERP.

Online Advertising is the top most used way of promotion in digital marketing. There are several platforms for online advertising, but Google AdWords is the biggest platform which is used by all big and small companies. Companies around the globe use Google AdWords to promote their product or service among customers. Alogn with this Microsoft Bing Ads is used to advertise on Yahoo. In this module, you’ll learn to run different types of ads including PPC, CPA, CPM. Different Ads like Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Contextual Ads, etc.

Social Media Marketing refer to advertising and marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You’ll get to know about how to advertise on these platforms, how to create brand awareness over them, how to grow your fan base on social media, etc.

Mobile marketing is a small but very useful part of digital marketing. It focuses on making efforts regarding your business for the audience on mobile devices. More people as compared to desktop are now accessing internet through mobile devices. So, accordingly you should optimize your website and ways of promotion for the mobile users.

After doing efforts on making a website for your business, advertising for brand awarenesss, sales and customers, it is very important to measure performance. This is where google  & web analytics comes in role play. It is used to measure performance of your website, behaviour of people coming on website, most viewed pages of your website, source of traffic on your website, retention rate and many other factors.

Email Marketing is one of the most essential and cheapest form of marketing. You can send your email campaigns to lakhs of people at once. It is widely used for user retention and feedbacks.

eCommerce is one of the hottest industries so far. You can easily enter in selling business with a ecommerce website. You can easily create websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. eCommerce websites are in demand from a long time, freelancers can earn smart income with it.

Like other form of websites, SEO applies to eCommerce also. It is very important to optimize products for SEO. So, that you can get traffic directly related to your products and sales. Along with SEO, there are few additional and advanced marketing techniques used in eCommerce

Lead Generation is very important part of digital marketing which is very dependent on online advertising and social media marketing. It is about collecting customer information from interested customers for your product or service. So, that you can convert it to a sale/conversion.

Blogging is also a part of digital marketing. In this people share information, thoughts, feedback, feelings abotu particulr thing on their blog. Content market refers to marketing of your articles. So, that maximum number of people read your blog.

It is about managing your existing reputation with a positive feedback from your customers and good review ratings on internet so that when people search about you, they can be satisfied with the information available online. Converting your bad customers to good ones.

Affiliate Marketing is about selling/promoting/distributing products/services of different sellers in return of commissions from them. Affiliate Marketing is the richest for of online earning method.

AdSense and YouTube are the most used for of online earning method. It is a very good option for consistent and steady passive  income. You can earn with AdSense using a blog or youtube.

You can earn a healthy amount of income with freelancing. You can take work for skills you are expert in. Delivering the service on time will get you smart income. Work as per your convinience and comfortability and get paid.

Event blogging is basically micro niche blogging, in which we drive traffic realting to particular event where traffic is really high and organic competition is less. You can easily earn 3 to 4 figure income with event blogging in a day or a week.

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Tools & Freebies

Get Tools & Freebies with this Course worth Rs.55,000+, in which we will give you following things absolutely FREE :

Ads Management Tool

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Additional Information about Digital Marketing Course

Let Us Tell You About Internet / Digital Marketing Course in Delhi (Online & Offline) in-Depth

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital Marketing became very important for each and every business to grab accurate and target audience for their business, This is the reason that you must have knowledge of digital marketing. We are offering digital marketing course in delhi with 17+ modules of digital marketing. Keeping all the requirements in mind, our experts have made most advanced study curriculum. To sell product / service online, the only thing you need is digital marketing. With help of digital marketing, you can sell/promote/distribute your product/service online on internet by sitting at your home. In today’s time, most of the companies and alsmost all big companies have opted for digital marketing. Businesses avoiding digital marketing will not be surviving in future for sure.

We here at Digital School of Delhi, we are offering digital marketing course in delhi. Digital School of Delhi is one of the most considered digital marketing institutes in Delhi / NCR. We along with our course, gives you tools and themes which are required in different phases of course worth Rs.55,000 absolutely FREE. We want our students to practically implement and try each and every modules taught in class. You can see above our Digital Marketing course details and fees.

You Should Know that “What is Digital / Internet Marketing” before joining the course :

Generally, Digital Marketing is known as Internet Marketing and Online Marketing. Some people also calls it e-Marketing because it is being done online. Complete internet marketing covers Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords and Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube, Google Adsense, Freelancing, Event Blogging and much more. Digital Marketing is a bundle of different marketing methods performed online in process of getting conversion and earning money.

There are two different part and one additional part of SEO. First is On-Page SEO and second is Off-Page SEO. Additional part is Local SEO which is usually for businesses having physical location. All these strategies are used for ranking website on top and beating competitors. Before starting doing SEO, we do Competitor analysis to prepare a accurate strategy to beat your competitor. Google and other major search engines are now very strict with their rankings algorithms. It is now, not easy to rank on top. So, now there is no option left instead of doing quality long term SEO.

Digital School of Delhi is completely focused on providing quality information to students, so that they can fulfill their motive of doing this course. We’re Providing Digital / Internet Marketing Courses in Delhi. You can also join our online course if you are having problem in coming to study center.

You can easily take a Free Digital Marketing Demo Class with us on Sunday 11 AM.

Social Media Marketing is all about promoting your brand / business / website / blog on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and creating Brand Value along with customer acquisition. You can generate thousands of customers everyday for your business with the help of social media marketing. Social Media has the power to make your business a brand.

Google AdWords is also known as PPC advertising. PPC advertising is a form of advertising in which advertiser gets charged when someone clicks on ad. Google AdWords is the most considered advertising platform by all companies. Through Online Advertising, you can run ad on big websites, search engines, blogs, portals, etc. There are different strategies used for different types of business in online advertising which we’ll tell you in this digital marketing course in delhi.

What is Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube Monetization, AdSense and Event Blogging ???? These all are part of Web Entrepreneurship module. In this, we’ll teach you about earning money from your skills using internet. You can earn a really healthy income with the use of these earning topics in our digital marketing course in delhi. You will be taught in-depth about how to setup blogs and earn money with them using affiliate marketing and google adsense. We’ll also provide you insights to you about India’s top bloggers and how much they are earning.

So, We hope that basic concept of this course is pretty much clear now and also the digital marketing course fees structure of the course. You look interesting in this course, you can also take a live in-class or online digital marketing course demo class absolutely free. We have currently our study center in Badarpur, Delhi.

For your queries relating to internet marketing course in delhi or digital marketing course in delhi : Please call us @ 9582170106. We would love to talk to you. 🙂

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