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What is Digital Marketing Foundation Program ?

Our Digital marketing foundation course is designed for those students who want to gain complete knowledge of digital marketing but currently they are not known to the technology and basics. This course is for teaching you necessary skills and developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies in a professional way. We are the best institution for Digital Marketing foundation course and also Digital School of Delhi is the first institution to launch digital marketing foundation course in India along with exclusive Event Blogging Course in Country.
After Completion of the course, our students will be able to work with different essential skills which are necessary for working with digital marketing and other online systems.

What We Have in Our Digital Marketing Foundation Program ?

We have carefully curated this course taking in mind about all requirements which you may require during several activities of digital marketing. Here are the modules which we have included in our course curriculum for you.

#1. Microsoft Office.
#2. Working with Photoshop and other Tools for Graphics and Logos.
#3. Working with Emails and Clients.
#4. Understanding And Working with Internet and Browsers.
#5. Understanding Different types of Digital Businesses.
#6. Understanding Different types of Languages and Web Platforms.
#7. Management of Your Digital Confidential Data & Credentials.
#8. Overview of Complete Digital Marketing Modules & Usage.

Digital Marketing Foundation Course in Delhi

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a product of Microsoft. It is one of the top most essential skill required to work with computer. This includes some major softwares which are Work, Powerpoint and Excel. These softwares are really important and useful. You need to be skilled to work on these if you are working with computer in any way. We’ll skill you with these essentialities and you will be able to work absolutely fine with these.

Microsoft Office
Graphics Designing

Working with Photoshop and other Tools for Logos and Graphics

Graphics are among one of the biggest problems with which people struggles while doing online activities. Most of us don’t know how to create interactive graphics to present in front of a large audience. Graphics always needs to be attractive and expressive. They plays a very important role in building your brand image or expressing your thoughts to people. A major population of people working online, don’t knows how to make logos for their businesses. We have included all of the solutions to your problem and after this you’ll never be feeling like you are not good with graphics. You will be able to create and present attractive and informative graphics in front of your audience.

Working with Emails & Clients

Emails are one of the major and popular mechanism of communication between people and companies. Emails are not something which is new, but the truth is that a decent number of people are still not comfortable with it and they don’t know how to use it. Along with emails, there are also some Email clients which are used to manage multiple email accounts at one place. We’ll teach you about that and you will be able to manage your all email accounts at one place. We have also included Professional and business emails in this module and will be teaching this too.

Email & Clients

Understanding and Working with Internet and Browsers

This is a very simple and necessary part of our foundation course. Under this, you will learn the basics of internet and working of different internet browsers. There are different browsers available which provides different functionalities. We’ll teach you about their usages and how you can work efficiently on different browsers as per your usage.

Understanding Different types of Digital Businesses

Internet became a major mechanism of business in current time. There are different forms of businesses running over internet like eCommerce, Advertising, Blogs, Affiliation, Service Providers and many more. You need to be aware of these and some more form of businesses. We’ll teach you about the businesses and their workings. We will also tell you  about their structures and establishments, so that you can also start one.

Web Languages

Understanding Different types of Languages and Web Platforms

There are over 1 Billion websites on world wide web. Websites are made on some platforms and languages. To work properly with websites, you need to be known to at least major programming languages. You don’t need to be perfect at them, but you need to be comfortable in reading and understanding them a little bit. This will make you understand few advancements on your website. We’ll teach you about those platforms and languages.

Management of Your Digital Confidential Data & Credentials

When you come online, you need to manage different accounts for different purposes. A general user have 3-4 online account which he/she needs to manage and remember their credentials. When you comes to a guy who is proactive on internet and also have a business over it, then the list of accounts can easily go over to 30 accounts. Managing 30 accounts with different login information is difficult and most of the times, we forget information. We’ll teach you about managing all that stuff and along with this, we’ll also tell you that how to send your data or store your data secretly without exposing it to any other bad factor.

Confedential Data
Digital Marketing Overview

Overview of Complete Digital Marketing Modules & Usage

After completion of all of the above mentioned modules of our foundation course, we’ll introduce you to other different modules of advance digital marketing skill development program. You’ll be explained about each and every module and its importances. What are the uses of those different modules and when you need them.

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Digital Marketing Foundation Course in Delhi
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