Email Marketing

Email Marketing Course in Delhi

Email Marketing Course in Delhi

E-Mail Marketing doesn’t looks like a old way of promotion. But, Email Marketing is one of the oldest way of promotion in digital marketing. E-Mail marketing is being used from late 1994. It has been almost 2 decades and it is still considered as one of the best way to maintain a connection with your audience and keep them update with your promotions. There is no doubt that E-Mail marketing is still a very good and widely considered way of communication and sales conversion. So, you can learn email marketing course in delhi with us.

We’ll be teaching you everything about E-Mail marketing which you need to follow to get better sales conversions and customer retention. You’ll also be taught some tricks about it here at Digital School of Delhi. Fill below form or call us @ 9582170106 for email marketing course in delhi.

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Email Marketing Course in Delhi

What Are the Advantages of Email Marketing Course ?

E-Mail Marketing is a type of direct marketing. Modules are carefully designed and outlined by professionals from industry. Each and every part of email makreting will be covered during course. This uses Electronic Mail as a communication method. E-Mail Marketing communications commercial or fundraising messages with their customers or potential customers. A Email Marketing campaign is sended to a list of customers who has agreed to receive mails from the sender. Email Marketing is not a big module but it has its own importance which will be taught during the course. You will be introduced firstly to What is Email Marketing and How it works. Email Campaigns are generally sent in bulk groups, So we’ll teach you how to send bulk emails so that they won’t land in spam folder of receiver. There are two types of Email marketing which will be taught during the module. We’ll tell you about what are the Email Marketing softwares majorly used. You will go through a practical session of Creating Email Campaigns and sending them to number of people. Autoresponders will be taught at the end of the module and also how to setup them.

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Email Marketing Course in Delhi
E-Mail Marketing Course in Delhi

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