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Google AdWords & Online Advertising are the major mechanism of advertising over internet. Google AdWords is the biggest online advertising network. Through these such advertising networks advertisers shows their ads on publisher’s websites and advertisers get charged by a adverting network out of which publisher receives their part. Generally, ads are ran to drive leads and generate conversions on website for a business. It is the best way to promote a business when you have absolutely no online presence and it also have higher capability of getting you sales and leads faster than any other source.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

What Are the Advantages of this module ?

Google AdWords & Online Advertising is one of the most important module of digital marketing. PPC & Ads are one of the most influential thing in digital marketing. This plays an important role in marketing your business on various websites and apps. You will be able to identify different form of results on Google SERP. We’ll introduce you with Google AdWords and how it works. Along with AdWords, You’ll also be introduced to Bing Ad Network and its working too, so that you can work with the major two search engines to get attention among 97% of the audience on internet. There are different types of Ads in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. So, you need to be known to all of them to achieve different results in best lowest possible budget. Different types of ads have different setup and their results will also be different. Google AdWords have a Algorithm by which it rates and ranks your ad.

We will show you AdRank with Example, so that you can make your ads better to get better rankings and results. You will also be able to improve quality of any Ad with Quality Score. CTR, CPM, CPC & Many other performance and cost measurement factors are also included in module and you will be provided with in-depth knowledge of all of these. AdWords bidding is another factor which decides delivery of your ad. You need to have good knowledge about it so you can implement the correct and optimized Bid strategy. There are different types of ads which includes All Features Ads, Dynamic Ads, Standard Ads and Product Listing Ads. You will go through a Practical session in which you need to make an AdWords Ad Campaign. The motive of this session will be providing you practical exposure to how things done. We believe that implementation is the best way to learn something. After this session, you will be ready to create PPC campaigns with AdWords & Bing. Conversion tracking is very important to measure that how much you are getting in return on the amount you are spending on Ad campaign. With Conversion tracking part of this module, you’ll be able to track conversions from your marketing campaigns. After running a campaign, the next part is to measure its performance and take required actions in order to increase performance. You will also be taught about How to optimize ad campaigns for better results. Same as PPC Ad Campaigns, DIsplay Ad Campaigns also have different types of Ads which are All Features Ads, Mobile App Ads, Remarketing Ad Campaigns and Engagement Ad Campaigns. Each of the campaign have their own different results and goals. Each of the campaign form also have different workings and configuration. You will be served with In-Depth knowledge of Display campaigns and how to create them along with practical implementation. To improve performance of your display campaigns, you will be taught about Display Campaign Performance Optimization. Remarketing Campaigns are a bit different, they are used to approach existing visitors to visit site again and take appropriate action. This is very influential step for branding your product or service to visitors of your website. How to create remarketing campaigns and target them will be taught. At the end of this module, you will be taught about What is Online Advertising. Different networks providing Online Advertising services. There are different types of Ads in Online Advertising. You’ll be introduced with every format of online advertising during the module. After completion of this module, you’ll be able to create PPC Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Campaigns, Banner & Display Ads Banners and Product Listing Ads. Along with this you will also be able to prepare reports of ads, doing their performance analysis and optimizing them. Just by completing this only module, you gets eligible to claim a Job as an Online Advertising Analyst/Manager. Average salary package for an Online Advertising Analyst/Manager in India is Rs.380K Per Annum.

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