Google Analytics Course in Delhi

Web Analytics Course in Delhi

Google Analytics Course in Delhi / Web Analytics Course in Delhi

Google & Web Analytics seems like an boring topic but it is one of the most interesting and major module of digital marketing. This Google Analytics Course in Delhi will make you master in google analytics. Also, you can take google certification in analytics. It helps you enhance your business as per the behavior and requirements of your customers. It lets you measure website traffic, behavior of people coming on your website and performance of your web pages. It also helps you in tracking ROI of your business which helps you in betterment of your business.

Google Analytics Course in Delhi

Google Analytics Course in Delhi

We, here at Digital School of Delhi, have the best in class faculty for Google & Web Analytics. You’ll be served with the in-depth knowledge of google and web analytics so that you can improve your business and generate more business from it.

What Are the Advantages of Google Analytics Course in Delhi ?

Google Analytics is a web analytics software which lets you measure performance of your website and behavior of users who are coming on website. So, Google & Web Analytics is the best possible way to analyse your website got betterment in order to get better returns for your business. In this module, there are several parts of it. Initially you’ll be introduced to What are major softwares for it and how to do web analytics over them. You will be taught over Google Analytics so you can understand its working. Google Analytics is used in almost every organization for measurement purposes. Twitter also have their own Analytics panel where you can measure your twitter account activities and performance. Exactly the same; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Pinterest also have their own Analytics. You’ll be introduced to all of the analytics panel by your trainer. You will be given a deep insight about How Google Analytics Works. You need to Integrate google analytics to your website and this will also be taught.

Carrying on the learning, you will be taught Account structure of Google Analytics, What are goals and conversions and how to setup and measure them, Introduction to bounce rate and its importance, Setting up funnels and measuring its performance, How to use Analytics with AdWords for better performance study and much more. Google & Web Analytics is also a trending designation. After completing this module and grabbing certification in it by google, you can grab a job with average salary of Rs.354K Per Annum in India. After completion of this module, you will be able to study a website about referrers of traffic, website behaviour, user’s behaviour, top pages of website, bounce rate, conversion performance and SEO analytics and more important factors.

Google Analytics Course in Delhi

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Google & Web Analytics Course

Product Name: Google Analytics Course in Delhi

Product Description: Master in Google Analytics and also get Certified by Google for Analytics. We'll teach you Google Analytics in-Depth. You will be taught by GOOGLE CERTIFIED TRAINERS only.

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