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Now Get Freebies & Add-ons Worth Rs.55,000 Absolutely Free with Our Course.

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Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding skill in Industry. There are high demand of employees and also this demand is getting higher day by day.
Now Get Freebies & Add-ons Worth Rs.55,000 Absolutely Free with Our Course.

First Practical Digi-M Course

Digital School of Delhi is the first Institution to Provide complete exposure to Digital Marketing Practically. You will be served with Complete practical knowledge during this course. We will take care of your satisfaction, as this is also important to us.

No Hidden Fee & Addons Worth 55,000

Our Complete Advanced Digital Marketing Course will cost you Rs.36,000/- Only. There is no hidden cost. Get Themes & Tools Worth Rs.55,000 absolutely free from us. So, feel safe about any other exclusive cost. You will not be cheated in any case.

Expert & Professional Faculty

We have selected the Best in the Class faculty for you. So, that you can be taught by the people who have experience and can also give the complete solution of all your questions. Quality education is our primary goal and we are serious about it.

Advanced Online Marketing Course

for Job Seekers, Professionals & Entrepreneurs. Get Certified By Industry leaders Like Google, Bing, Facebook etc.

Welcome to, Digital School of Delhi

Digital School of Delhi is India's 1st Digital Marketing Institution to Provide complete practical exposure and implementation to every module of course.

Digital School of Delhi is offering both In Class (Offline) & Online Classes. You can opt for any of them as per your convenience. Before getting started, you can try our Free 5 Hours of classes. Our Course structure is based on Practical Implementation and we ensure satisfaction of our students. You can claim Free backup classes In case you were not able to attend any module.

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Our Curriculum is One of the Best in Industry
Digital Marketing Overview Course in Delhi
Website Planning & Creation Course in Delhi
Search Engine Optimization Course in Delhi
Google Adwords & Online Advertising Course in Delhi
Social Media Marketing Course in Delhi
Mobile Marketing Course in Delhi
Google & Web Analytics Course
E-Mail Marketing Course in Delhi
eCommerce Website Creation Course in Delhi
eCommerce Marketing & SEO Course in Delhi
Lead Generation for Businesses Course in Delhi
Blogging & Content Marketing Course in Delhi
Digital Reputation Management Course in Delhi
Affiliate Marketing Course in Delhi
Earn Money Online with AdSense & YouTube Course in Delhi
Earn Money with Freelancing
Event Blogging Course in Delhi
Digital Marketing Certification from Industry Leaders

What is Digital Marketing ?

Welcome to the best digital marketing institute in delhi. Digital Marketing is a wide term. It covers all efforts of marketing which you make online. Doing marketing efforts online makes it digital marketing because it is being done through digital mediums. In Digital Marketing, businesses use Google Search, Other Search Engines, Social Media, Blogs, Websites, Their Website and some other ways to profit their business. The truth now is, people spends double of the time on the internet as compared to the time they use to spend 12 years ago. In today’s time, traditional marketing is not the only way to promote your product or services in order to get sales. Digital marketing came very far in this and now you need to focus on it as well. Digital Marketing has the power to make your startup a BRAND. It can drive you better sales and results. Digital Marketing is also cheap as compared to traditional marketing cost. Digital Marketing is not limited to a particular area. But you can do it from sitting at one place to all over the world. Almost every sort of services required are easily available online and you don’t need to check out different places by spending your precious time in roaming to the places and asking for your perfect option. It has got everything at just a click from you. Digital Marketing has made businesses operation and sales very easy. So, what you are waiting for ? Go and prepare yourself for your all new digital business.

For Job Seekers & Professionals

Digital Marketing is a wide field and this is why it has vacancies coming in for various new profiles. It is expected that in coming few years the demand of over to 2 Million jobs will rise. Digital Marketing is also an essential skill in current time for applicants and students of Management courses. So, learning this course will be an amazing add on for you and you will never regret that you don’t have this skill till it goes too late to learn this skill.

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Weekend & Weekdays Batches

We have both Weekends and Weekdays batches for you. So, that you can be comfortable with Course and other works too.

Online & Offline Classes

We have both In-Class (Offline) and Online classes available. You can choose anyone of them as per your convenience.

Practical Implementation

We focuses on not only theoretical knowledge but also equally on Practical implementation. Without practicality you will learn nothing.

Professional Faculty

We have experienced and expert faculty. Because an Experienced person can give you the best knowledge and solution to your queries.

Free 5 Hours

Without paying anything, you can try our 5 Hours of Free training. So that you can be sure about joining the course.

Free Backup Classes

We got you covered. You can claim Free backup classes from us In case you missed any of your classes.

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Short About Us
Our Mission
Delivery of Practical Knowledge

There are several Institutes in India who are providing Digital Marketing courses. Our mission is to provide better knowledge of complete course with practical implementation and theoretical as well.

Our Vision
Most Bright Sector of Industry

Digital Marketing is the most demanded skill in current time. It is booming day by day and very soon there will be over 2 Million job posts to be filled. So, we want people to learn it and take the advantage of better future with it.

About us
Digital School of Delhi

Digital School of Delhi is one of the first institute of it's type. We are dedicated over practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge of things. We provides both Online & Offline Classes with Weekends and Weekdays Batch.

Digital Marketing Course

Most Asked Questions about the Program

What Type of Certification You’ll Provide Me ?

Digital School of Delhi will provide you a industry recognized certification in digital marketing. Along with this we’ll also provide you certification with Google & Bing which will be valid in all India and abroad and you will get better jobs placement with these certificates.

What If I Miss Any of the Classes ?

We have got you covered with this. We gives you free backup classes for every class which you missed. You can claim your free backup class just by raising a ticket on help panel of Digital school of delhi.

What is Average Salary Package ?

Average Salary package in Digital marketing industry is somewhere around 3.5 Lacks as per the current data we had. This package seems to be increasing in coming years.

What are the Payment Options and How Much Fee for the Course ?

Our Complete Advanced Digital Marketing Course will cost you Rs.36,000/- Only. There is no hidden cost. Join now and get themes & tools worth Rs.55,000/- absolutely free from us. So, feel safe about any other exclusive cost. You will not be cheated in any case. You can pay the complete fee in 3 Installments.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital school of delhi is providing the best digital marketing courses in delhi. We are offering the most advanced digital marketing course in delhi. Our coverage is all over India with both Online and Offline modes of study available. Our major concern of study is to provide practical exposure of every module to our students so that they can have practical knowledge of everything. There are several benefits associated with this course. You will be awarded with certificates from us and other Industry leaders. These certificates can be presented anywhere in country to apply for relevant jobs and opportunities. Our digital marketing courses in delhi are created with taking care of every point about your career and growth. We have designed our course curriculum in such a way so that you can get advantage from it as fast as possible. Our course fee is very reasonably priced. This is also the reason that we are provider of one of the most affordable digital marketing courses in delhi without doing any sacrifice with quality of education we offer. We have divided our course into 17 different and important parts. These parts includes Digital Marketing Overview, Website Planning & Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords & Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Google & Web Analytics, E-Mail Marketing, eCommerce Website Creation, eCommerce Marketing & SEO, Lead Generation for Businesses, Blogging & Content Marketing, Digital Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing, Earn Money Online with AdSense and YouTube, Earn Money with Freelancing and the one and only course about event blogging in India. You can also download our digital marketing courses in delhi curriculum from here. We have taken care of student’s comfort with the timings of batches and this is why we have prepared many different batches. You can opt for Weekdays (Morning/After Noon/Evening) batches and Weekend (Morning/After Noon/Evening) batches depending on your comfort with the timing. We have also got you covered with anything which you miss. You can claim your free backup classes in case you missed any or not able to attend or if you want to learn something again. You are always free to take any backup class you want. You can join us directly by filling this application form here. We would suggest you to go for a Free Demo Training Session. This session will help you in making a perfect decision about course and you’ll never regret about anything related to this course in future. Our digital marketing courses in delhi are made for your growth. So, never hesitate to ask anything about his course from us. You can contact us using phone or email.  Our contact number is 9582170106. You can call here anytime between 10 AM to 7 PM during any day of week. You can also leave us a mail at  So, don’t wait and give your career a fresh growth with our digital marketing courses in delhi.

Internet Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital School of Delhi brought the best digital education course for you. We have curated a perfect internet marketing course in delhi for professionals, job seekers and entrepreneurs. Our digital marketing course consists 17 different and major modules of internet marketing. Our digital marketin course in delhi also includes a special module of Event blogging which is first time being taught by anyone in India. We are the first digital marketing institute to introduce event blogging course in Delhi NCR and India. At digital school of delhi, you’ll learn that how industry experts do digital marketing. We’ll help you to become a expert yourself. You’ll learn various digital marketing skills from which few skills are major like boosting up website traffic, generating potential leads for businesses, creating better brand awareness, generating more sales and much more in just the way agencies and professionals do it. We are among the best institutions which provides hands on exposure to each module of the course. We have finely and carefully curated our internet marketing course in delhi for professionals, job seekers, entrepreneurs and freshers. The sole motive behind this digital marketing skills development program is to shape your future with one of the most demanded skills in industry at current point of time.

Digital Marketing Institute

We are one of the best digital marketing institute in India and especially in Delhi/NCR region. Our complete education module is based on 100% practical exposure of every module in course and as well as theoretical knowledge of that module too. We are providing internet marketing course in Delhi and NCR and also in other region of India. Our major goal is to provide you the best education and also make your future better with our digital education courses. This is why we call ourself one of the best digital marketing institute. After completing course from our digital marketing institute, you will be able to apply for the standard and top most jobs in industry about digital skills. You will get digital marketing certifications from digital school of delhi and some industry leaders like google and microsoft. We have designed our digital marketing course in a very organized way. Our course fee is also affordable and you can also avail installments in payment of course fee. As of being a digital marketing institute, we have taken care of batches timings so that our students can take classes as per to their convenience. No matter if you are a employed person, if you are a student, if you are a entrepreneur or anything else. We have comfortable timings for everyone.

Digital Marketing Training Institute

We have alternate batches timings so you can also have time to implement things and learn them with complete practicality. We have two different batches in our digital marketing training institute. We have both weekdays and weekend batches for you. You can opt for regular batch on weekdays and if you have a tight schedule then you can opt for weekend batch. You can join our digital marketing training institute now or can also apply for free digital marketing course demo. Our demonstration classes are available in both online and offline modes. Our digital marketing training institute is made for making your future better and shape you with best digital skills in industry. So, you can stand among the professionals and big bodies with proper knowledge of things.

Digital Marketing Institute Delhi

Digital marketing is a very wide term. It includes a lot of modules in it which have different workings and results. Our digital marketing institute in delhi offers complete digital marketing courses with practical exposure to every module of our course curriculum, so that you can understand things well and also can have in-depth knowledge of them. We have advanced training module for digital marketing course in delhi. Our digital marketing course includes 17 different modules of digital marketing. We are also the first digital marketing institute in delhi and India to introduce event blogging course in delhi and all India region. Our digital marketing course is available in both online and offline mode of study. You can avail any of the study mode as per your convenience. Our course will give you a new way of earning money and getting more exposure among social media platforms. We also have the best in-class faculty which will help you in understanding everything better and in a professional way.

We are one of the best digital marketing training institute in delhi and our only motive is to provide a better future to you. Anyone can take advantage from our course. Our course is very well designed and we also have taken care about that people won’t get bored during the course. We don’t believe in boring lectures and theory. We teach you sufficient theory about the module and after that we provide you complete practical exposure. Implementation of anything is the best way by which you can learn something which you will never forget.