Mobile Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Mobile Marketing stands for making marketing efforts with taking mobile devices in focus. In Mobile, we also enhances performance of our business according to the mobile devices and their requirements. It helps us to server our customers with better ease and accessibility. One of the major reason behind focusing on mobile marketing is that usage of mobile devices are increased by 26% in 2015. Anyone can guess the importance of mobile friendliness for your business by increasing number of mobile users day by day.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

What Are the Advantages of this module ?

Mobile Marketing is not a very big and time taking module, but it can be very useful when it comes to those who have their major conversion coming from mobile platform. You will be taught about what are the different types of mobile for which you need to take are that your website is running fine on. A slight relationship between Mobile and Social Media marketing will be explained. You will be able to see and create reports about Mobile Analytics and do Performance measurement of your business on mobile. For mobile marketing, your website needs to be mobile friendly. You will be taught that how can you create mobile websites of your businesses. App making will be a good idea for business, so we also will tell you that how you can create website for your business. A major part of mobile marketing is doing mobile targeted advertising on Mobile websites and apps. SMS marketing is also a part of mobile marketing and this is one of the best and proven way for advertising to customer. SMS marketing will be explained and also you’ll be taught how to do it. At the end of this module, we will teach you How to Submit your app to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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