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Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Search engine optimization shortly known as SEO. SEO is the free method of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial and natural sources. Search engine optimization helps you in getting your website on top of the results shown on search engines so that you can be found by the audience you are looking for. There are many ranking factors in SEO which you need to follow to get desired results. It is not only about making a well structure website. You need to do a lot of different things related to it to get organic results to your website.

We have structure this module of our advanced digital marketing course in such a way so that you can understand SEO and its working. you’ll be taken through a practical session to give you complete knowledge of SEO.

What Are the Advantages of this module ?

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest factor of digital marketing. You must be known to SEO. We will also teach you about Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You will be able to understand different search engines and their workings in deep. Knowledge of major factors of SEO will be provided along with their workings. You will also learn about what are keywords and how they works. How to do keyword research is an important part of SEO is also included so that you can do keyword research without any problems and doubts. We’ll server you with the ability and understanding of working with different types of keywords research & analysis tools. We have also included a module which is about Google Operators which will let you search the web with much ease and perfection so that you can get accurate filtered results. There are two major parts of SEO which are On-Page & Off-Page.

On Page SEO will let you do On website SEO. Off-Page SEO will let you do SEO which is done on other websites and internet properties. In On-Page SEO, you will be able to do Content Optimization, Keywords Optimization, Meta Properties and Google WebMaster Integration. In Off-Page SEO, you will be able to Scale DA of a website, Build Fast Backlinks for your business to get better rankings on Google SERP. You will be able to do complete SEO of a website to get better results in return after completion of this course module. We have also included Local Business SEO in this module. With the help of this you will be able to list your local business on search engine and maps. So that, you can get attention and visibility among people in your area which are looking for your products or services. After completing this course module, you will be able to use SEO Tools Properly, Create Proper SEO Reports, SEO Strategy Planning for Different form of Businesses and How to Rank faster on Search Engines. Just by completing this only module, you gets eligible to claim a Job as an SEO Expert. Average salary package for an SEO Expert in India is Rs.356K Per Annum.

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