Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing refers to driving traffic and making your presence with the help of and on social media networks like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. In social media marketing, we create and publish attractive and appealing content which our audience reposts or share on their own social media identities. This helps is gaining better reach and driving new customers for businesses. Social Media Marketing is a better way of reaching new audiences and making a better brand value by keeping in touch with your audience and it also is a cheaper option.It is also considered as one of the best free method of maintaining your brand presence and value.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What Are the Advantages of this module ?

Gaining traffic from social media platforms and making your presence in order to get business or any other profit in return is known as Social Media Marketing. You will be taken through current psychology of social media, so that you can understand the current scenario and mindset of current social media generation. This study will help you in creating better content for your social audience. You will be able to differentiate social media marketing type other marketing forms. The first part in this module is Facebook Marketing. Facebook is the leading social networking platform and that is why this is the first priority in social media marketing. During this part, you’ll be going through a session in which knowledge of facebook marketing is served along with the Practical Implementation of facebook marketing.

You will be able to create Facebook Pages and Groups for your brands and businesses. Increasing popularity of your facebook page and getting likes on it will be the next step. How to create content and graphics to post on your page’s wall will be taught. After this you will be able to create and publish innovative and attractive content for your audience with a professional touch. Few examples of doing marketing on your fan page will be shown. At the end, here comes the AdWords of Social Media. Facebook Ads are also considered best option after Google AdWords in terms of getting reach and conversions. You will be taught about types of ads on facebook, how to create facebook Ad campaign, Different payment modules of facebook ads, Conversion tracking and using Power Editor in Facebook. After completion of Facebook Marketing, you will be able to Create & Setup Facebook Pages & Groups, Creating and Posting attractive content, Creating Different types of Facebook ads and Optimizing them. The Second part in this is LinkedIn Marketing. LinkedIn is the biggest Professional’s Network. So, in case you are running a business similar to the interest of this network then you must make your presence here. You will be taught about LinkedIn Groups and how to do marketing over them. Creating your business page on LinkedIn is known as a good practice. LinkedIn has their own Ad Network on which you can advertise your product. After completion of this LinkedIn marketing part, you’ll be able to do LinkedIn group marketing and create LinkedIn ads. The third part of this module is Twitter marketing. Twitter has grown rapidly in past few years and now it is among big advertising networks too. In this part, you’ll be taught about What Twitter exactly is. You will be taught many things so you can create twitter ad campaigns and #tag trend campaigns in future. You will be served with Major twitter management tools, Twitter Marketing strategies, How to create Ads on twitter and Twitter Cards. After completion of this part of social media marketing, you will be able to Post Perfect content on twitter, Gain more followers and influence, Using twitter for driving traffic, getting your post noticed with relevant trends and create and run twitter ads. The last part of this module is Video Marketing which will be done on the biggest Video sharing platform YouTube. Under this, you’ll be trained about creating your presence and brand value on YouTube. Graphics are the best way to explain anything to people. Video plays an important role in this and it has a very high potential of convincing people about your product or service. YouTube is the only big platform where you can do video marketing. We’ll teach you about how to create your own YouTube Channel and Upload videos over them. You will also be taught about how you can get highly targeted views with YouTube marketing on your videos. After completion of this module, you will be able to do marketing on major social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You will also become eligible for the job of Social Media Marketing Manager. The average salary package for social media marketing manager in India is Rs.350K Per Annum.

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